Human hair vs Synthetic Hair for Braids

Human Hair vs Synthetic hair for braids


For the trendy boho braids and loc  styles  a fusion of both Synthetic and  human bulk hair mix is used. The braid/locs starts off with synthetic Kanekalon braiding hair and then human hair is added either along the strand or  ends for a bohemian finish.  This technique is done for better grip of the person’s natural hair whether the texture is coarse or silky it is better for style longevity.

Synthetic (Kanekalon) fibers are chemically lab made and may cause allergic reactions when used. Synthetic braiding hair fibers are heavier to wear and are dipped in hot water to seal the ends. Ends can be set in a curly, straight or wavy pattern.

Synthetic hair is more affordable with a wide range of colors, but it tends to tangle easily, requires more maintenance and gets matted in pools or salt water. 

Human bulk hair is unprocessed, sourced from a single donor (human) with all strands going in the same direction with the cuticle intact. The result is a natural look, flowy hair, lightweight  to wear with less tension at the hair’s root. soft to the touch without tangling, matting. Because it’s human hair, it can be colored, cut and heat styled.  Hair can last up to two years if you take care of it.

Human hair is much more silkier, doesn’t strip your hair of moisture, so the best method of sealing off the ends, is to use nail glue or simply tie a knot at the ends.  Wet or spritz the ends with water  to activate the curls and add hair mousse or style with heat tools instead. Leave in conditioner is a great curl refresher as well.

Braids/ locs styles typically last for about 4-8 weeks, and with the added bonus of using human bulk hair they can last even longer with proper care and maintenance

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